Defensive Movement to Successfully Secure Possession

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A crucial skill within netball is being able to effectively defend in order to secure possession. This session will break down the fundamental skills required in order to successfully defend, including footwork, angles and reactions.

What's in the Session?

The session begins with a fun warm up to get your players working on their footwork; of which will become incredibly important throughout the session. The session progresses to get your players working in pairs, allowing them to continue to focus on their footwork, as well as working on their angles. ?Interception triangle? helps your players put these skills together, as well as work on their reactions. The final skill the session develops is keeping your attacker high and wide, away from the ball. This is crucial to slow the ball down and help secure an interception. The session concludes with a full group drill, with certain conditions placed upon the drill to get your players implementing what they have learnt.

Get your team up to scratch on their defensive skills in order to slow the ball down and successfully create turnover opportunities.

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