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Slow defender quick attacker

I am a defender and I am not very fast. I usually verse a fast attacker so what is the best way that I can get an intercept off her at a centre pass?
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Hi Tayla,

If you have a particularly fast opponent I would suggest double marking. To do this work as a team with your Centre player to mark the attacker out of the game. 

You may not intercept the ball but this should throw the attacker off guard and help your team to predict play (it is likely the opposing team will pass to their other attacker).

The following drill can be used to help you and your Centre practice working together to direct the pass where you want it.

I hope this helps!

Dictating a Centre Pass

Video / Animation
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Set up 3 cones along a transverse line, one in the middle, one at the edge of court and one in between these.

Have one defender behind the line and one in front. The attackers aim is to come over the line to receive a Centre pass, inbetween the inside cones.

If the attacker receives the ball:

In between the middle cones: 1pt to the attacker

In between the outside cones: 1pt to the defenders

Keep score out of 6 attempts.

The defenders need to be aware of each other and work to restrict the movements of the attacker.

Coaching Points:

We are trying to force the attacker out to get the ball wide; this will limit their passing options for the 2nd phase of the Centre pass.

Try your defenders in different positions and facing different directions to see what works best for them as a unit. Reflect on which position they are more successful in and ask them why they think this is?

most of the time players are slow off the mark because of their footwork and reflexes.  on take off slower players are flat footed on the line, and step back to get their push off when the whistle goes. it is a hard habit to break and will need a lot of practise from you.  start by practising fast feet.  thats where your feet are standing about hip width apart and you are pit-a-pattering from one to another very quickly.  you will feel awkward at first, but will improve with time.  it is important that your heels stay off the ground, your arms are in sprinting position besides you and your eyes and chest is up looking ahead.

once you have gotten comfortable with this then stand on a line doing fast feet and then lean forward and almost fall over the line.  do not step backwards first.  make your first movement forward and over the line to take off.  again with practise you will improve this skill and your take off power.


Some Agility Work to improve footwork and speed could also be very beneficial. :)

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