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Allow opponent to get 3 feet?

We played last night and at least 4 or 5 times during the match we were blown for contact. This was when a player had received the ball and turned at speed to make a quick pass. But because the opponent was man on, the player with the ball accidentally knocked into her with the ball. Our captain questioned this and was told that the player with the ball had to allow the opponent to get her distance before turning to feed the ball. This was so frustrating as we had to slow our game right down. Is this a new rule because we have never come across this before?

i haven't heard of this rule before.  there is a rule regarding landing and giving the person enough room to land, but never heard of the rule that you have to give someone time to get their 3ft.  maybe take your question to the umpiring conveyor to get an answer.

Hi ,

A couple of points , and this is my take on it..... I can't believe you have to give a defender time to get their distance , that has to be down to the defender to get into position as quickly as they can before raising the arms into a defending position. Having said that, being blown up for contact, I would suggest that this is a defender I can impeded an attacker from driving towards the circle (stage 3 defending) and it is up to the attacker to find a way around me without contacting. (I am assuming the ball has left the attackers hands before contact was made?) As I say this is my take on it but it may be incorrect :-)

Hi Tony , no the ball was still with the attacker on all occasions. When turning with the ball it was mainly the shoulders/arms that were catching the defender. I guess this must come under the contact rule that Janet has pointed out, even though none of the contacts were deliberate and didn't happen with the ball. We'll just have to adapt with this umpire and slow our shooters movement down! Many thanks for the all answers. 

the rule Janet was talking about was a deliberate push of the ball into another player, not body on body contact, which, if is as exactly you have described is not your contact.  but at the end of the day, we arent playing for sheep stations, the umpires are human, and rules are open to interpretation at times.  but if you feel that she is incorrectly applying a rule, then speak to the head umpire and ask her to watch your game.  that way you will know for sure if you need to change the way your team plays, or if the umpire just needs to have the rule explained to her in more indepth.

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