Netball Drill Demonstration


Using one side of a court set up two centre pass scenarios with a feeder standing in the middle of the half court. At one end have an Attacker starting behind the line with a defender. At the other end have an attacker marked by 2 defenders, one behind and one in front of the line.

Feeder tosses the ball up to start and turns to face an end.

The Attackers aim to get free either 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 1, and pass back to the feeder, who then turns and passes to the attacker at the other end.

Coaching points

  • Encourage the attackers to prepare early.
  • Attackers should shift defender's bodyweight
  • Quick changes of direction
  • Early release of ball by feeder

Repeat x 10 and keep score for each attacker.

Have your players reflect on which attacker takes more - and why they think this.

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