Defenders Dictating Play

category: Defence

Developing effective team defence to deny space and force errors up and down the court! Develop your defenders ability to deny space to prevent them f...

Cops And Robbers

category: Small-games

Split your players into teams of 7 or more in different coloured bibs.

In the image the yellow players are the robbers and the blues are the ...

Cops And Robbers

category: Small-games

  • The cops must defend the diamonds (netballs) and protect them from the robbers who are trying to steal them and take them to their home.
  • ...

Two Balls, Two Games

category: Group-practices

Two way game of netball with 2 teams and 2 balls!

Each GK starts the game at their end with a throw-in from the back line. Each team has to ...

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Community Drills

Autosave 90192308

Set up GK behind GS and GD in front of GA. WD gets goal side of WA. C ball side. If WA attempts pass to GA then GK comes off and i...

Autosave 52866083

Attackers to run from centre 1/3 transverse line to other end with Defences deny space and movement Then add a thrower at top of circle Equipment: 3 x...

Autosave 9394888

Defending principle: To be able to close down space, deny space and apply pressure using stage 1 defence.Feet shoulder width apartweight balanced and ...

Autosave 14685024

L/O to be able to close down space, deny space and apply pressure, using stage 1 defense.2V1 In the circleThe 2 defenders inside the circle must ensur...