3rd Stage of Defence - Deny space and make Interceptions

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In this plan we focus on the third and final stage of defence - denying the other team space and making decisive runs to intercept the ball.

By working on your players' defensive action you'll be able to improve their timing and accuracy for when they make the drive to cut in front of their player and steal the ball - If they make the move too early the other team will have time to change their pass and if they move too late the ball will have already passed them by!

What's in the Session?

To get your team in the right mindset we start this session with a fast running drill - getting players warm and ready to use a quick burst of acceleration which they'll be needing later when they're practising their speedy, ball stealing drives!

Stage 3 of defence:

In stage 3 of defence players should be marking the space - anticipating the pass and preparing to drive in front to snatch it away.

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