Netball Drill Demonstration


Split your players into teams of 7 or more in different coloured bibs.

In the image the yellow players are the robbers and the blues are the cops.

The cops must defend the diamonds (netballs) and protect them from the robbers who are trying to steal them and take them to their home.

To start the game off coach blows their whistle once to release the Robbers then a second time to release the Cops to chase them.

The robbers must work together to get the balls home by passing them using netball rules.

The cops must intercept the ball or cause 3 second violations. If they successfully do this the diamond (netball) gets put back inside the blue coned area and the player who loses the ball has to go to jail.

Robbers can free their team mates in jail by high-fiving them. When the robbers are home the cops cannot touch them

Coaching points

Encourage players to communicate with one another when attacking and defending in order to win the game.

Try to get players thinking about the defending principles:

  • Limit and deny space
  • Force error
  • Apply pressure

Encourage players to link the 3 stages of defence during game play:

  • Shadow player - to apply pressure
  • 3ft mark - to force an error
  • Block - to deny and limit space

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