Developing the Defending Principles - Deny Space and Apply Pressure

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This session looks at improving the fundamental principles of defending, refining their skills whilst also improving on their communication and team-work for when they?re out on the court! Work through a series of practices to get your players developing fast, accurate footwork, as they look to deny their opponent space on the ball. Limit their options and apply pressure to force the opposition to give the ball away, by demonstrating the stage 1, 2 and 3 defending skills.

What?s in the Session?

Start with some fun warm-up games to get your players ready for the session ahead, before moving onto some skill development practices, working on the fundamental areas that your players need to retune. Encourage plenty of communication between your players with their team-mates, as they need to be communicating constantly to have a chance of winning the game! These practices will get your players using fast and effective footwork, as well as keeping their head up so they are aware of what danger from the opposition is looming.

Continue through practises such as the Ball and Hole Game and make sure your defenders are alert throughout, ready on their toes to intercept the opposition. Finish off with a 7v7 conditioned game so your players can put what they?ve learnt into practice!

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