Drill Categories

Getting free Drills

Netball is all about getting free, losing your marker or making clearing runs so they can receive the ball without it being intercepted. There's plent...



category: Movement

Netball Jailbreak Movement One team runs clockwise round the inside of the circle with ... Attacking Principle: Changing pace and direction Session ...

Free To Catch

category: Getting-free

Netball Free to catch Getting free Players stay in groups of 3 with 1 ball. 2 players stand ... Attacking Principle: Changing pace and direction Sess...

Get Away!

category: Getting-free

Attacking Principle: Changing pace and direction. Help your players shake off the opposition with a change of pace and direction in this week's sessi...

Changing Direction - Group Practice

category: Group-practices

Netball Changing Direction - group practice Group practices Setup the practice as shown. Feeder 1 has the ball. Worker runs out towards a cone, chang...

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