Drive don't Dither - move to meet the pass session

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If your players drive to meet the pass they'll make it harder for the opposition to get in with an interception.

To make sure your players have their attacking heads on this session focuses on getting your players to run to meet the pass. Each practice develops your players' ability to change direction and inject pace into their drive to give them an edge over the opposition.

What's in the Session? (with notes from our resident coach)

1. Warm up game:
We start with a conditioned game of Streetball -
"My team enjoyed this warm up as it has very few rules and was easy to get started straight away"

2. Skill development:
Three driving drills to get your players meeting the pass -
"The Circle Edge Drive drill enables players to link the movement patterns up the court from the centre pass."

3. Conditioned game:
Something fun to finish, a game with a slight twist to get your players using a change of pace and direction!

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