Create and Penetrate Space - Losing the Defence!

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This session looks at developing your player's attacking ability, looking to lose their marker, creating space for the pass and going forward in the attack! Rather than just standing still and being marked, watch your players lose the defence by changing pace and direction, maintaining possession of the ball. Use this session to get your players on the move!

What's in the Session?

Get your players warmed up and ready, before moving into the session. Make sure your players have their heads up and communicate with one another, as well as demonstrating a quick turn of pace to receive the pass. The pass should be fast and accurate, as you go through the session using drills such as Fake Crossover, working ways to lose the opposition.

Make sure your players are using a quick change of pace and direction, using the right technique to leave the defence stumbling in their wake! Get them angling their run perfectly and communicating with each other, to make perfect use of the space that is created for their team-mates. Play a fun conditioned game at the session and watch your players put into practice what they have learnt, encouraging them to use these techniques.

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