Keeping Possession and Penetrating the Space

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To help your team keep possession for longer and get your players penetrating the space this session develops your players' attacking options.

What's in the Session?

The key to an effective attack is having players who communicate and can get free from their marker using a change of pace and direction. To get your team working on their keep-ball game we kick things off with a full-court game of Street Ball. This game encourages everyone to look for space, call for the ball and re-offer if they don't receive the ball first time round.

Following this purposeful warm-up we then continue to develop the skill before finishing with another conditioned game and a full team cool-down.

Additional Session Notes:

This session has two levels of progressions, written specifically for "less able" and "more able" players. So, whether you're coaching beginners or experienced players, there's a progression for every team.

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