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What are some warm ups or drill used with cones?

I need help, cant figure out any cone drills or warm ups. Mainly looking towards footwork, fitness and changing direction.

Hi Kerrie,

We have a number of good and simple drills for you to use with cones! I've included one for you below to get you started. Alternatively, you can look through the drill sections for movement and footwork, where you'll find a number of drills using cones - or you can search in the search bar for either of these and have a look through there!

Hope that helps!

The Sportplan Team

Change of direction

Video / Animation
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The queueing players must sprint and change direction before receiving the ball from the feeder.

Once they've received the pass the ball is then passed onto the receiver (red 2) who passes back to the feeder.

Coaching Points:

The feeder and receiver should rotate with the other players after two rotations.

Progression: a passive defender could be added to the first sprint.

After two rotations the defender becomes fully active.

it can be as simple as a line of cones some a couple of meters apart, others up to 5-10m and between the shorter distances they have to slow down to a jog, and between the longer they have to sprint. (this is a change of pace drill), ensure that there is a distinct change of pace.

there is cones of the world drill.  place 4 cones in a North South East and West configuration about 2m apart from a center point, and have the girls from the center point run around the north point then backwards through the center to around the South point, then forwards to the center point then sideways around the West point then side step through the center point to go around the East marker and side step to the center and repeat.  covers all directions of travel in one small exercise.

U shaped drill.  put 4 cones about 2m (or more) apart in the shape of a U, and have the girls start in the middle of the baseline of the U going either left or right using sidestep until the first marker then changing direction drive forward to the front marker, then backwards again to the baseline, side step to the other marker then drive forward to the other marker, backwards again to the baseline marker, and then keep repeating.  you can add a pass in from a feeder a few meters in from of the forward markers to give a pass when they drive foward.

hope some of these help.

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  • create your own professional coaching plans
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