Cut And Corner Dribble - Attacking Movement

category: Footwork-and-Movement

Player 1 dribbles towards the corner at the same time player 2 makes a cut across the lane and receives a pass from player 1 in the post area. Player ...

Banana Cut

category: Shooting

Start underneath and beside key near the block. Toss the ball into a spin back into a point between the elbow and the free throw line and the three-po...

Off The Screen Shooting Drill

category: Screening

Setup the practice as shown. Player 3 runs into the arc and runs off the screen created by player 2 before receiving the ball from player 1, turning...

L Cut Shooting Drill

category: Footwork-and-Movement

Setup players as shown.Player 1 starts with the ball and player 2 makes a run before making a L cut towards him before receiving the pass. On receipt...

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