Creating Attacking Advantages: Penetration and Timing

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Teach your players to make the right decisions when breaking up court at speed and make the opposition's defenders scramble!

This session focuses on dribble penetration (intelligent dribbling, not just running with the ball for the sake of it) and the timing and movement by your off-the-ball-players to create an advantage (forcing the opposition's defenders to help and scramble to recover).

What's in the Session?

To develop these skills we start with two change of direction attacking dribble warm ups, before then progressing this skill - working on the 1v1, 2v2 and finally 3v3 offence!

By working on these fundamental skills you'll be creating a stronger team offence, teaching your players to react and read the opposition's defenders, rather than just playing sets and running from spot to spot - resulting in fewer turnovers and more shots on goal!

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