Backhand Winner Down The Line

category: Backhand-Drills

Tennis Backhand winner down the line Backhand Drills The coach stands in front of the player and feeds in an easy ball to the player who starts off i...

No Winners!

category: Rally-Drills

Tennis No winners! Rally Drills Players are working in the full court and take it in turns to feed the ball in out of their hand. They are playing th...

Forehand Pattern With Running Winner

category: Movement

Tennis Forehand Pattern With Running Winner Movement The coach feeds balls from the basket. The first one the player hits a forehand cross court, bef...

Cross-Court Rally Game With Winners

category: Rally-Drills

Tennis Cross-court rally game with winners Rally Drills Players get into pairs. Each pair takes on another pair in a cross court competition. Players...

Big Serve With Drop Shot Winner

category: Backhand-Drills

Tennis Big serve with drop shot winner Backhand Drills Player serves to the T from ad side. The coach hits the ball back to the player's backhand sid...

Inside Out Forehand And Winner

category: Forehand-Drills

Tennis Inside out forehand and winner Forehand Drills Players start in the centre and hits the first shot back to the coach with an inside out foreha...

Two Shot Winners

category: Passing-Shots-Drills

Tennis Two shot winners Passing Shots Drills Players in two lines on the baseline. Player starts running across court to hit a fed ball on the servic...

Different Winners Different Points

category: Forehand-Backhand-Drill

Tennis Different winners Different points Forehand & Backhand Drill 2 players play points against each other. 3 zones are set on one side of the cour...

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Hitting Winners - Assertive Play

Instil the winning instinct in your players and get them to assert themselves on court and spot when the time is right to whack a winner!


Community Drills

Animal Ball

Coach feeds in from the post, and players ralle out the point. All players must start inside the service box. M to six points win; winners stay on cou...

Service Box Winner

Inside Service Box Player 1 starts ball to cross court service box corner; players must rally 3 (or however many coach dictates) shots before court is...

Baseline: FH cross - FH DTL winner

Player hits 3 FH cross courts with consistent style then aiMs for a 4th shot Down the line winner style.reward: -5 pushups if drill ecxecuted correctl...