Touch, feel and bluff!

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Sometimes through the use of spin players forget how to feel the ball and instead rely on brute strength and tricky spin to win points. However, by going back to basics you can get your players working on their kinesthesis once again.

Kinesthesis is the technical term for feeling a movement through your muscles, every player has experienced it. Kinesthesis is how players will know whether they've hit a winner before the ball has even fully left the strings of their racket.

What's in the session?

We begin this week's session with a speedy Gonzales warm up, followed by a small court game, with both players involved working inside their service box. Working within this limited space players can only win the point through use of deft touch, lobs and drop shots - absolutely no power shots or spinners are allowed!

Whatever your players' ability take them back to the beginning and get them feeling the ball again!

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