how can i correct a slapping forehand

how can i correct a slapping forehand

one of my student is playing is forehand , with slapping. pls let me know how to correct it.


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How can you help a player focus on important points?? Any help is appreciated

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To stop forehand slap, get player to stand in service box and to hold racquet as close to racquet head as possible, near the V of racquet, have player turn sideways or get to side of ball, arm in from of body, racquet strings parallel to net. This make wrist slightly bent backwards. Coach drops ball but instructs player not to take racquet back but to lift ball over net keeping wrist bent and racquet head parallel to net. Player should feel pectorial muscle lifting the ball. Ball should loop over net about two foot. Repeat till player is always lifting ball gently over net with wrist in place. Now move hand down to grip, drop ball, player doesn't take racquet back but does lift ball over net. Repeat until player is confident. Next send ball to the right so player has to run to get ball over, then left so player has to back up to get ball over. Always lifting ball with arm and wrist out in front of body. Repeat until they have confidence. Next back up player away from net near service line. Now player can take racquet slightly back to lift ball over net still keeping wrist bent and racquet parallel to net and out in front of body when hitting ball over net in a nice 2 foot high loop. As they get better go farther and farther back. Hope it helps. regards Al

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To help player focus on important point. Reverse score. i.e. suppose score is our player is 40 - 30 5 games to 4. If player reverses score in head so that he is serving 30 against 40 he will not try to muscle the ball, hit a winner to the back fence, over hit, slam an ace. Hopefully player will put ball deep, with lots of spin which creates a heavy ball, in middle of box and not go for to much. this then transfer the stress to the returner. Hope this helps. regards Al

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I teach my students about process, performance and outcome goals. During competition, they are taught to focus on process goals, ie how and what to do to create a great performance. This naturally leads to reaching outcome goals, ie winning.

The player not focussing on important points is obviously focussing on something else that is not helping. So mind control, positive self-talk and focussing on controllable, process orientated aspects of his/her game would be what I would teach.

Paul Drayton

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The best way to correct a "wristy" forhand is with this physical correction.

1.) Have your student stand on the service line, holding the racket at the throat.

2.) Then instruct them to trap a ball between their arm and the racket handle.

3.) If the wrist stays solid...the ball will stay......if it falls, the wrist was moving.

Progress back to baseline and lengthen the swing to full size. Once corrected, remove trapped ball and return to normal position.

Hope this helps!!!!


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Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was wondering how cud i set up a session with the theme 'working as a team'? Having 4 player on the court. Theere s different ways to do it but i was wondering more for a close practice? Also i need to follow the teaching process. This is for a coaching qualification assesment. Thanks

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Close practice you mean basket drill or semi open situation?

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