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2 players play points against each other. 3 zones are set on one side of the court. Zone 1 is the deepest one, zone 2 is the medium one, and zone 3 is the closest one to the net. Winners from different zones have different bonus points. Winners from zone 1 are for 1 point, from zone 2 for 2 points, and from zone 3 are for 3 points.

Drill specifications:

2-3 points and switch

The main emphasis should be put on hitting winners so players have to put maximum effort and focus on each stroke. Waiting players can work on their strength with medicine ball drills to improve their chances for hitting powerful winners especially from the short and medium-long balls.

Coaching points

Hitting winners is a priority to weaken opponent’s mindset and boost our self-confidence and motivation. There is no better feeling than to hit the ball without a response from the opponent so players have to train these shots to be able to play aggressively during the tournaments. Picking the right moments to take more risk and go for a winner is a factor that differs the best players in the world from average players. If we will try to hit finishing shot from all areas on the court more mistakes will come instead of won points. That is why it is important to understand which areas favor this type of shot and which ones should be more focused on consistency. This drill is created for intermediate players so zones are adjusted to this particular level of performance.

In this drill players work on offensive skills in a match situation. Different zones are set to help players make better decisions and build situational awareness on the court. If the ball bounces in one of the 3 zones and player hits a winner he receives particular amount of points for that. Winner from the zone 1 gives 1 point to teach players that it is a difficult spot to finish the point. Player is far away from the net so he has to take much more risk to play the ball outside of the rival’s range. Winner from the zone 2 gives 2 points to make players aware that medium-long balls can be used more easily to take advantage of the rally, move forward and finish the point with an offensive shot. Winner from the zone 3 gives 3 points because it is necessary to finish all short balls in tennis. Knowing how many points each zone is worthy players will start to make proper tactical decisions and they shot selection will be much more successful.



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