How to beat a heavy top spin player?

How to beat a heavy top spin player?

can anyone suggest a tennis tactics on defeating a player who uses looping topspin?this type of player loves to rally, uses high bouncing topspin, and loves long rallies . however his opponent hates long rallies and ends up losing the point. any suggestions ?

Tennis CoachCoach
Tennis CoachCoach

play inside the base line and try to volley

Tennis CoachCoach

...and direct those volleys short and to the backhand.

chitra Administrator, India

Keep on attacking till you get a loose ball to hit a winner and slowly the opponent will go under pressure and the match is yours

asim shafikCoach, Pakistan

as someone who not only employed this tactic at times,but also countered it on many occasions,i think we have to keep the surface in mind as well.even though i was an attacking player,on clay i would keep hitting slow ,high loopers back to my opponent if he was doing the same,until i got a chance to take a volley & move in.its a good tactic,but only if ur comfortable at the net,as i was.secondly,its difficult to hit loopers on low & hard de finally,if you are someone who likes to hit loopers too,dont just pin your opponent in one corner;its tough to hit effective loopers on the stretch.

Tennis CoachCoach

One thing not enough players do period is isolate a shot (or a part of the court or weakness). 90% don't have as strong a backhand as forehand, so logic says our opponents should make us hit it 90% of the time or be running around it constantly to be uncomfortable. That's just not the case. My players don't do it enough even when I harp on that strategy more that anything. Pound a weakness or atleast that side of the court until you get a "loose ball" then attack that opportunity. 

Tennis CoachCoach

I agree that the surface one is playing on makes a difference in answering this question but on any surface topspin creates a high arching ball that bounces high once it hits the court.  Let's look at Federer playing Nadal - Fed is pretty proficient at getting the ball back where he wants it and in creating angles but Nadal's defence is perfect, begatting Feds angles with better angles.  Fed is at his best when he takes chances - moving up into the court after returning, hitting volleys and taking the ball out of the air from no-man's land to front court. The key is to be agressive but not overly so - expecting the ball to come back so one can play an overhead.  Also, not coming in to the net too far.  Also, returns have to have good pace, low trajectory and not a lot of angle - can't just push them over net.  Topspin players can take the ball later than a player who drives the ball flat - they also can use the pace of the opponent's ball rather than having to create pace - so hitting a low, flat ball with little angles is the key to producing errors and not having to have to hit winners all of the time.  Look for combinations of 3-5 shot rallies where you are moving toward the net (service line to 5 ft. to net).  Shorter rallies, opponent will pass you, longer rallies opponent has a chance to out angle you, tire you out forcing you to either hit long or into net.

Farhad RoshanaieCoach, United States of America

Try to be patient, constructb the points for an attacking shot, work on your  concictency as well as your loop shots.

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