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Players are working in the full court and take it in turns to feed the ball in out of their hand.

They are playing the point out as normal but with the stipulation that they are not allowed to hit a winner to win the point! Players must make their best effort to reach balls, it is up to the coach to decide whether they have done this and whether the ball hit was an outright winner - in which case it will not be counted!

Players can play first to 11 points, this can and should take a quite a long time!

Coaching points

Players are looking to be as consistent as possible and manoeuvre their opponent around the court, without necessarily using pace.

Players should be left to work out how to play this drill and how to win at it, some will be better than others, and some might lose patience very quickly!

NB. Do not forget that hard down the middle of the court is a good tactic!

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