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1) In this drill there are two hitters, two shadows, and the remaining students wait in the alley.
2) The drill starts with the hitters hitting the net.
3)The teacher then hits a lob for hitter 1 to smash.
4)While hitter 1 goes for smash, hitter 2 and both shadows, shadow his movements.
5) The teacher hits the second lob to hitter 2. Once again, the other 3 hit the net and shadow movement back for smash.
6) This is repeated twice. Each hitter hits 2 smashes.
7) After his second smash the hitter goes to the end of the waiting line of students. His shadow moves to the hitting position, and a waiting student becomes the shadow.
8) Smashes should be hit cross-court, away from teacher!!
9) Emphasis should once again be on control and movement.

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