Five Alive

category: Coordination-Fun-Games

Separate the whole group into teams of around 5-6. Each team nominates a player to feed first. When ready the feeder throws the ball to each player co...

Control Is The Key

category: Coordination-Fun-Games

The coach throws an easy ball to the player who hits a forehand shot back to the coach. The Coach then throws the ball back again but this time the pl...


category: Coordination-Fun-Games

Players hit one ball before running round the court to the other end. Each player gets 3 lives and loses one if they make a mistake, or fail to get ...

Web Videos

Tennis drills for beginners

... These exercises can be done with children or beginners who are starting out the game. These exercises can be done in large ...



King Of The Deuce

Teach your players to become king of the deuce side and dominate opponents!

Forehand Technique

Are your players using the correct forehand technique? Help them perfect it in this fun and innovative session!

React and Win!

Get your players on their toes and reacting quicker than ever before to win those all important points