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Fun session for kids Session Thumbnail
Fun session for kids

Use this fun session to keep your younger players in love with Tennis, whilst learning the basic skills!

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The coach feeds the ball to the player, and the player hits a backhand stroke. If the ball is hit inside the court player runs, puts the hurdle and runs over it. The player's goal is to put all the hurdles.

Coaching points

Younger players love to have fun so all sessions designed for this group of players have to include this factor. The coach shouldn't use the same drills as he/she does for older players because younger players will quickly get bored. By adding extra activities between the strokes, younger players are interested and are able to improve all athletic skills.

In this drill, the player is working on backhand consistency and placement. By giving an extra activity for all good shots, younger players are motivated to improve hitting skills so they try the best. It is important to add external motivation as often as possible to let younger players develop variety of skills within each drill.

Drill tags: agility, backhand, coordination, fun, hurdle

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