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Fun session for kids Session Thumbnail
Fun session for kids

Use this fun session to keep your younger players in love with Tennis, whilst learning the basic skills!

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The coach's side is divided into 4 zones. The coach feeds the ball to the forehand side, and the player hits the forehand. If the player hits one of the zones, she takes the cone and marks this zone. Now player aims for other zones and the goal is to make them all!

Coaching points

Visual information is crucial for young players because it is their primary form of learning. By giving the young players the opportunity to mark the zones and see visibly the other targets left, young players are able to better control and direct their next shots. Additionally, young plares love colors so their motivation gets up if the drill includes these props.

In this drill, the player works on forehand's control and placement. By dividing the court into 4 different zones, the player works on different forehands so she develops many abilities at the same time. The coach should watch how players adapt to hit short and deeper strokes and give some advice if players struggle for a longer time.

Drill tags: control, coordination, forehand, fun game

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