Fun technique drills for 4-5 year-olds?

Fun technique drills for 4-5 year-olds?

I could use some relatively easy technique drills that are fun to keep the kids I train interested. They have played for 4 months (beginners) and are aged 4-5. If you know some fun drills involving forehand and backhand I would very much appreciate if you'd answer this question! Thanks in advance!

Mari MilosCoach, Sweden
Tennis CoachCoach

swf not working, kindly check

Sportplan TeamAdministrator, United Kingdom

Hi Deshbandhu, we've checked this here on a number of different computers and it's working correctly for us.

The most common reason for videos not working on Sportplan is because you might have an outdated version of Flash Player.

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Tennis CoachCoach

yup thank its working now!

pete brinkleyCoach, England

why was the drill demonstrated not with a 4-5 yr old?

The answer is because they would find it too hard!

Ian MarshCoach, England

Hi Peter, this may well be tricky for players of such a young age - you're right. I guess a simpler variation would be to try and hit it back over the net towards the coned area (could increase target area size to make easier).

Are there any other practices you can think of which would help keep Mari's children active and learning?

Tennis CoachCoach

There are plenty of practices and fun drills to do with kids! From my experience of teaching kids, it's all about observation and high energy. What I mean by observation is kids at that age level can't really comprehand complex information all at once, yes there are those who are just naturally talented, but not all.

One fun game is called "stuck in the mud", where you lay out three mates across the court (cabout halfway between the service line and net). You lay out a hoolahoop in the opposite doubles alley area. You tell the student to try to hit one forehand over the net, if they do they are safe. Once they are comfortable enough and becomes easy, you move onto level two. Where you ask the player to hit two forehands over the net, and so on. If they miss they are stuck in the mud which is the hoolahoop! Of course this drill works best with two kids or more. Being motived and energetic is very key to teaching kids, if your not then they will become bored.

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