New Approach to Backhand Rally

Approach the backhand in a different way. The backhand is a daunting shot for many players and they forget the basic fundamentals of the stroke. Focus on footwork and balance to improve the backhand rallying.

Without the right technique from the feet all the way up to impact, the result of the backhand is likely to fall down. Build up through the approach beginning without a racket.

What's in the Session?

After warming up, the players work on their balance, jumping rope whilst hopping either side of the line. This coordination and balance practice will give them better potential to create a solid base from where to hit the backhand from. It then progresses by having a short distance rally, focussing on the movement into the stroke, jumping over a cone to accentuate a players movement on the court. The rally then lengthens to a match specific scenario, still with the focus of the player recovering to the center of the court and moving back out towards their backhand.

Turn your players weaknesses into their strengths by breaking down the backhand technique and building it up step by step and see them become comfortable on both sides.

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