Complex Volleying

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The volley is an extremely effective shot as it often results in the end of a point.

They are both simple and complex to master, as there isn't much a player needs to do to volley a ball, but the difficulty comes in the fact that you are likely to volley the ball at variable heights.

With that in mind, this week's session aims to get players mastering the volley regardless of the height of it, helping your players end points effectively.

What's in the session?

We begin with a fun warm up that gets your players focused and ready for the upcoming session before working on complex volleying. Our first drill works on teaching your players how to kill the point at the net with a drop shot, before working on backhand volleys down the line. An immensely popular quick fire drill comes next, and our final drills gets your players comfortable with volleying whatever the height of the ball.

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