The Importance Of Footwork

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This week we're teaching your players the importance of footwork, and how improving it can have a huge impact on their overall game.

Players often don't work on their footwork, so it's important that they enjoy this session and learn how important it is, and because of this they will be encouraged to work on their footwork more often. Too many mistakes come from bad positioning, which is mostly related to a lack of work of the lower body.

What's in the Session?

Too many players start straight away by hitting without preparing their bodies for the workload that is going to be put on their footwork, so we start with two fun drills to get the body prepared for the session. We then teach your players how to work on their stance, and how key it is that they continuously adjust their stance depending on the shot they're facing. Another three fun and varied drills then follow this, with players still being able to work on their strokes, but focussing on their footwork at the same time.

This really is a session you don't want to miss!

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