Offensive opportunities close to the net

This week's session aims to improve the players technical and tactical skill at the net.

The ability to move into the net gives the player an extra dimension to their game which doesn?t allow their opponent to settle in baseline rallies. It?s a great opportunity to learn how to keep the points short by hitting different types of volleyed winners.

What?s in the Session?

Start off with developing the shoulder muscles and ensuring they?re warm and prepared for the session. The first practice tests the players control of their shots from 9 parts of the court, varying the depth and type of shot they?re hitting into the ad side. The session then progresses to begin to link these shots and movements into specific plays. Test their forehand before moving into the net to finish with a volley.

The second half of the session works on the player taking the ball early to reduce the opponents reaction time and take advantage of the advanced position in the court. It then progresses to link these with other shots to create specific plays so the player gets used to play shots to set up the easy overhead to finish the point.

The skills in tennis are not just in hitting the shots, but to create the opportunity to hit an easy winner. Give your players the skills to think ahead and not look at every shot as the winner.

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