category: Handling

Rugby Grids Handling 1) Run out (2 steps) turn and pop ball to a support player. 2) Run out (2 steps) turn and let support player take it out of your...

Grids Part 4

category: Passing

Rugby League Grids part 4 Passing Put one player in grid about 2 metres in. Pass ball to target man - get return pass - run through. Have 4 target me...

Grids Part 3

category: Passing

Rugby League Grids part 3 Passing 4 balls - pass ball to next person on cone to left (clockwise) then right (anticlockwise).

Grids Part 5 (Variation)

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Grids part 5 (Variation) Agility & Running Skills Player have to swerve round one cone and give a pass to a support player. Only pass after bot...

2 Vs 1 + 1 In 2 Grids

category: Ball-Presentation

Rugby 2 vs 1 + 1 in 2 grids Ball Presentation 2 attackers with a half back attack a defender The support player should be able to read the situation ...

Grids Part 6

category: Passing

Rugby League Grids part 6 Passing Same exercises but use smaller groups and six start points. More movement = less time to rest.

Web Videos

Rugby coaching - continuity & support

Power Play Overview: This is great for scoring points against ever increasing opposition. Organisation: Groups of 10 set-up initially on a grid with 5...


Community Drills

Kick Circuit 1 (Stationary Kicking)

1 grids 2v2Stationary kick(Missile Attack Game)4 kickers (1) per teamKick/Receive:-Pick your target Get it High5 points hit your players hand5 points ...

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Phase 1- to begin with athletes will carry out a warm up in order to prepare their bodies for the exercise to come. firstly we will carry out a pulse ...

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In the grid have people in pairs with one defender in the middle with a tackle bags (2 or 3 grids if there is more players) using the passing techniqu...