Rugby: Rucking grid, no pass

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  • Grid size is 10 m x 10 m. 
  • 3 pads 
  • 3 attackers. 
  • No passing allowed. 
  • Attackers try to get across the grid without passing using good footwork. 
  • If tackled go down, next player can pick up all clear. 
  • Pad folders look for work and try to get players out of grid. 
  • If attackers are hit, they go to ground and presentable properly. 
  • Add more pads better they get at it. 
  • The attackers on the floor must get up quickly and back in the game. 
  • All must be explosive. 
  • When clearing, attackers must get beyond the pool and get defenders out of the game.

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in more ways than one


Defense vs attack drill

The aim is to the defensive situation to keep changing the defence gets used to drifting or pressing.  The aim of the attack is to realign using the full width, get the ball out of the breakdown quickly (no matter what position you play), seeing space, communicating options and reading the defence.  Can be done with any number of players but best suited to around 7.  You will need 7 cones, 1 ball, a 40 m area, attack of line and try line.  Players passed the ball quickly down the line. When the ball gets halfway, the coach shouts out a number.  Number reflects the number of defenders.   The end player puts down the ball by pad, then the 2 defenders get onside (beyond defensive line) and defend against the other attackers.  The defenders need to work together. Stay tight and use the sideline extra defender. Drifting from the inside and pushing up and out.  Attack looks to use, player pace and beat the drift. Important defence talks and understand what they are doing in the changing circumstances.  With 4 attackers and 3 defenders, defenders might look for a blitz defence or up then drift.  Scrum-half can break so defence must defend at guard.  Attack should be looking up and reading the situation. If we have an overlap then as a unit we must understand how to fix defenders.  You must start to add a kicking option to advance the drill.   8 players, you can have a forward runner offering a shadow line of 10. He is involved in the passing down the line but is on a separate cone in the front of the 7. This fits in with the patterns and philosophy of attack.  You might get the forward to press ups or other exercise to replicate fatigue.



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