Rugby Drill Demonstration


Aim: Identifying the attacking line through scanning and getting into a strong position to execute a dominant tackle.


  • Attacker and defender start back to back in the centre of the grid
  • Both the attacker and defender have three possible cones to work around which will vary the angle
  • The coach will first shout a cone number for the defender directly followed by a cone number for the attacker
  • Both players circle around their nominated cones and the defender aims to execute a dominant tackle
  • The defender will be on the front foot with his/her number being called first
  • Once the defender becomes confident, the coach can call the attacking number first which will put the attacker on the front foot and cut the decision-making time for the defender
  • A tackle is only completed once the defender is back on his / her feet contesting the ball which has been well presented by the attacker
  • Set up more grids to engage more players at a time
  • Ask assistant coaches and players to help call the numbers

Coaching points

Key Coaching Factors:

  1. Eyes up - identify attacking line early
  2. Manipulate attacking line to set up a dominant tackle
  3. Close down space quickly, drop hips and paddle once attacker is more or less 5m away
  4. Accelerate into the tackle with eyes on the target and head in neutral 
  5. Leg drive and upper body effort will dominate the contact

Practice Progression / Regressions:

  • Two attackers against two defenders
  • The coach calls one number and the players circle the two cones not called
  • Communication and organisation will now come into play
  • Contest for possession after the tackle is made
  • Two grids can be utilised in order to engage eight players

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