Catch, Turn And Pass Relay

Description · The first player runs towards the centre · The player with the ball throw up a high ball for the receiving player to jump and receive....

Rotating And Turning Pass

Netball Rotating and turning Pass Warm ups Players line up in 2 lines facing each other. Blue player 1 throws to Blue player 3 who runs forwards to me...

Turn And Pass With Wall

Netball Turn and Pass with Wall Passing *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* Set up: Players get into partners. One ball between two. A wall. Attackers to be standi...

Cut And Drive


  • 10+ players
  • 2 stationary feeders, one on baseline and one around centre circle.
  • 2 groups of...

Web Videos

Netball - turning in the air

Try at home. A basic turn in the air practice which can be easily adapted. Give it a go. Music: Blue window Musician: Jef.



Community Drills

Double Lead Down The Court

Line up 3 pairs down the length of half the netball court (another group can set up on the other side)From the initial feeder, 2 attacking players off...

Passing in order

Set up as last week GS - GK GK - GS and run through twice with defence at 50-75%Add: Square player and shooters moving into shooting position.Team off...

Exercise 4

Create 6 Bands & 3 Channels. Work the ball up the court, never passing more than twice in same channel or passing over a channel or a band.Looking...