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Developing basic fundamental skills Session Thumbnail
Developing basic fundamental skills

Help your players master the basic ball control skills to move onto executing more complex and advanced skills as players develop their knowledge and playing abilities.

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Split players into groups of at least 10 players, with one ball between them inside a square grid (half a third).

Players work in pairs (1-4) who start opposite one another. The ball starts with the number 1 (top left corner).

  • The ball is passed around the outside of the grid. After the player has thrown the ball they switch places with their partner.

Players do the skill practice for 1 minute then rotate clockwise to the next numbers start point.

Challenge - if players do not make it to their point in time and miss the ball they are out.

Coaching points

Players need to deliver a hard, powerful and quick pass to their players at the correct point on the grid.

Encourage players to drive onto the ball and to turn in the air when receiving the ball so they are facing the way they wish to pass - body positioning.

Players need to work together with their partner to time their run.


To make it easier/harder -

Smaller/larger playing grid
Allow more/less time on the ball

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