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Players work in pairs over varying distances depending on the pass type.

  1. Each pair should stand opposite their partner.
  2. Each pair are given a number. The first pair are 5, the following pair are 10 and so on, going up in denominations of 5.
  3. Players have to make their allocated amount of passes. Once they have done that they shout 'bump' and swap places with the pair next to them with the higher number. They then start their passing again, but add 5 to their original number. The pair who were 'bumped' have to start again, subtracting 5 from their starting number.
  4. The aim is to move up the group and have as high a number as possible. Work for 2-4 minutes, then stop the players to see if they have moved up or down.
  5. Coaching points

    Fun, high intensity practice - with lots of distractions in players' peripheral vision. Try to focus on speed of pass and also passing consistency - avoid too many dropped balls.

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