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Quick feet vs longer strides

Hi There, My Daughter runs in very big steps, I think if she runs in small quick steps, it will be better and quicker to dodge her defender? Any thoughts and or drills to help with this please? Love this page!!!

the first port of call should be the coach as she will have her own agenda for teaching all of this.  but if they do have any drills that are helping then try this.

short sharp steps work best in netball, as it helps with balance, change of direction and speed, and as a defender, helps stay close to the attacker.

there are 2 drills that will help your daughter.  one is for defence and the other is to help in attack during the dodge.

getting the side/crab step right.  doing the side step it should not look like a dancer doing sachets. (these are done with straight legs and the legs touch while in the air before splitting again to step sideways).  in netball, a player should stay low and do short fast sideways movement on the balls of their feet.  their chest is upright and eyes forward, and should not sound like a heard of elephants running across the court.  it is a silent movement.  the knees are bent at all times and the step sideways player in the is only about 20-30 cm at a time sideways.  have her practise this along the lines of the court going in both directions while always facing the same way.  then reduce the distance so she has to quickly change direction constantly.  eventually add a person to stay in front of while doing the side step keep up with their movements.

for the dodge drill

set up 2 cones about 5m apart.  put her in the middle between the cones and then have her run between (not around) the two cones making sure her hips turn completely to face the cone she is running to, and that her turn is a half pivot on the balls of her feet and that she is pushing off the outside leg (the one closest to the cone).  once she is doing this correctly, then reduce the space to 2m apart and repeat the drill, and again ensure she is completely turning her hips to face the cone she is running to.  the big key to the dodge is that when you want to fake the turn you have to turn your hips and take a small step in one direction and then quickly pivot and pushing off the outisde leg (again completely turning the hips towards the direction you now wish to run to) and take off in that direction, (for the double dodge you do the pivot, push and step twice and go off into the direction that you first did the fake.  this is done in very quick succession to confuse your opponent and have them stop to guess where you are going to go next.

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  • search our library of 700+ netball drills
  • create your own professional coaching plans
  • or access our tried and tested plans