How do I get my under 10's to contest the ball.

How do I get my under 10's to contest the ball.

Hi there,

Can someone give me some drills/games/ideas to help my girls to attack the ball. They are not contesting the ball at all or chasing it down, they are being way too polite.


Netball CoachCoach
Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

some girls have that kill instinct others don't.  but here are some simple drills to help.

in pairs standing side by side, you roll the ball down the court and have them chase it.  the person who gets the ball doesn't have to do burpees, or situps (or whatever else you decide to use as an incentive)

in pairs you stand in front about 20m.  the girls sprint towards you and whoever is in front pass the ball to.  (try and pair up equal speed ability in these exercises for fairness)

best of 3 toss ups.  loser has to do X

i have by doing drills that have a lot of quicker passes in it, it focuses the players into watching the ball a lot more.  so any fast drill that requires quick hands keeps the focus of them wanting it.  

don't forget to teach them when to leave the ball as well though.  

Hope it helps.

Netball CoachCoach

Thanks Lee-anne, some great ideas there I will try definately try them at my next training.

Nicola WhiteCoach, Australia

Hi Raeleigh,

I also had a team of ladies, who would almost stand back and say "after you"! Very frustrating, so I know how you feel! I played similar games to Lee-anne, there was a particular game that worked for me. I would take the team onto the centre third. Half of the team would stand along the transverse line evenly spread out facing the other half of the team, who would do the same in line with the centre circle. I would then stand on the sideline with the ball. You can then give then all numbers, or just call by name. But the idea is to call one girl from each line and as they run foward towards each other,you throw the ball into the air for a catch. It works best when you call girls who are not immediately opposite each other. We had immediate results and haven't looked back! Also I found best to each them really young the importance of pulling the ball in towards them following a catch to secure it, that way they don't lose so many, if the opposition are a bit feisty. Can also teach them to pull in and turn away from the opponent. These skills that can be added to the game! Good luck %3A)

Netball CoachCoach

Thanks ladies..... so love these ideas.... will be using them for my 14 challenge team... and my babies 10yo.... I get so frustraded whatching them ALL not chase or be hungry for the ball.... any suggestions for lazy players who dont defend???

MMMMCoach, Australia

I play a game with my under 10s called Smash it Up. Divide your team into two and play in one third. Place a cone at the 4 corners of the third. Girls need to pass among each other to get to the cone and touch it with the ball, while defenders try to stop them. Netball rules apply, with one exception, defences can snatch the ball from an attacker. This has really built up my girls aggression and it replicates a real game session, creating"over pressure" in defence. Best part - the girls absolutely love this game and have so much fun. Have your whistle handy, it can get a little rough!

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

lazy players are tough, for it is more of an indication of their desire to actually even want to play, than ability.  maybe find out if they even want to be there, or if there is some other emotional issue at play (maybe its mum or dad that wants them to play not them or just broke up with bf or a having trouble at school).  is it a weight or coordination issue?  or are they just lazy and would prefer to be in a team that is just for fun and not serious about competition.  if none of these are an issue, then its generally a lack of desire to really want the ball, and some of these issues could be at play, or even that they really dont want to play in defence and always get stuck there due to height, or some other reason.  start with talking and see what answers you come up with.

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