Single Leg Jump Turn

category: Injury-Prevention

Netball Single Leg Jump Turn Injury Prevention Start on one leg facing forward Slightly bend your knee of the leg on the ground Jump and turn 90 degr...

Running Drills - 3 Part Warm Up

category: Warm-ups

Netball Running Drills - 3 part warm up Warm ups Drill 1. Start with a gentle jog around the court, throwing in some sidesteps, high knees and heel f...

Resisted Crab Walk

category: Injury-Prevention

Netball Resisted Crab Walk Injury Prevention Step into a small resistance band and place it around your legs, just under your knees Spread your legs ...

Double Leg Jump With Push

category: Injury-Prevention

Netball Double Leg Jump with Push Injury Prevention Get into pairs One player ... The worker will bend their knees and use their arms to jump up stra...

Ball Balance

category: Injury-Prevention

Netball Ball Balance Injury Prevention Get into pairs with one ball Stand ... can be either leg) and slightly bend your knee Pass the ball between yo...

Ball Control

category: DIY-Drills

Netball Ball Control DIY Drills Get a ball and find a space on a wall Using one ... firstly on to one knee, and then on to both Once on both knees, b...

Ankle Stability With Band

category: Injury-Prevention

  • Get a resistance band and anchor it to something solid/static - this may be to a post or even get a partner and use their legs
  • Start o...

Around The Cone - Meet The Pass

category: Passing

Two passers (blue) start with the ball on the outside red cones.

Two workers (red) start on the blue cones. One worker goes one way around th...

Web Videos

Knee program

Netball Australia has launched the KNEE Program which aims to reduce all lower body injuries across all levels of netball. Hear from Netball Australia...



Community Drills

Warm-up in general

1. High knees to cone (corner of 1st 3rd)2. Sidestep across the 3rd line3. Butt kicks to cone (corner of 2nd 3rd)4. Grapevine along the 3rd line5. Roc...

3 Team Relay

Three TeamsFirst player places ball between your knees:Drive up and around cone then back, pass ball using legs to next player in line.Depending on nu...

Warm Up Drills

It is not a race, everybody going at a similar speed.14 cones needed and one ball.The order is: Jog, jog back to front, grape vine, side step in, side...

Autosave 645778

A's drive to cone & onto circle edge,recieve a pass from Feeder.Land on circle edge, Balance.Lean on ball if needed or bends knees for balance.