Catching Overhead

category: Ball-skills

Pass the ball quickly from one hand to the other, at about shoulder height.
Try both static and moving.

Vary level at which you pass the ball - ...

Chest Pass (Side)

category: Passing

  • keep your eyes on the target
  • Step forward with either leg
  • Push through the ball using your elbows
  • Use the step to dirve ...

  • Chest Pass

    category: Passing

    Players in pairs with one ball about 5 metres apart.

    Double Handed Flick To Wall Plus Jump

    category: Wall-drills

    When ready jump upwards and push/ flick the ball to the wall using both hands.

    The land and bend both knees before then jumping again in tim...

    Figure Of 8

    category: Ball-skills

    Figure of 8 through the legs, try to keep only one hand on the ball as much as possible.

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    Hurt my finger playing netball

    Created using VideoFX Live: ... Instagram: rebec730 (it private but I well expected you friend request) Bec_netball_life (Netball stuff only if you wa...



    Community Drills

    Ball around body

    Move ball around various parts of body, changing direction position hightfocus fast hand, finger not palms

    Activity 1 - Chest Pass

    Players should get into pairs, set up 2 cones 5m apart and practice chest passes forwards and backwards. Fingers should be spread around the ball in a...