Netball Drill Demonstration


Players have 1 ball each. They start in a space away from one another on the netball court.

  1. Player holds the ball out in front of her with elbows slightly bent. Using her finger tips, player pushes the ball from one hand to the other as quickly as she can.
  2. After 30 seconds ask the players to jog round the netball court while still moving the ball between their hands, being careful not to bump into anyone else.
  3. After a minute of jogging, players are asked to complete 5 squats, still keeping the ball moving.
  4. After completing the squats, player makes eye contact with another player then swaps balls by using a pass of their choice.

Coaching points

Players are looking to achieve a steady rhythm when completing this drill. This will take time. Demand quality before speed to ensure the player is working on her ball skills and is not just relying on luck.


You can increase the jogging time, or even speed up the jogging to a run if the players are doing well.

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