Advice on becoming a better GA

Advice on becoming a better GA

Hi, I am a 13 year old girl who plays netball every Saturday. I have been playing netball as a centre since I was about 9 yrs old. When I moved teams I changed to GA cause they needed a GA. I had also been playing basketball so when I moved into GA I shot like a basketballer. I only just recently started trying to shoot like a netballer, but it is't really working. Our GS is usually the player that shoots most of our goals but she broke 2 fingers and is out for the finals. I need some advice to help me to be a better GA and step up a shoot lots of goals to see our team go into the grand final.I need help learning to shoot better but my coach is young and plays defence. p.s. I am the only other shooter in my team.

Laura HenshawCoach, Australia
Netball CoachCoach

Hi Laura I'm a fellow Aussie who played both netball and basketball growing up and am also a shooter so hopefully will be able to help! Firstly you need to learn the correct shooting technique. I'll do my best to go through technique in writing%3A Step 1 - Ball placement Hold the ball in your hand with your arm outstretched infront of you. It should be sitting on your fingertips, so that if you brought it to your face you would be able to see through the gap made between your thumb and first finger undernetah the ball to the otherside. This isn't how you should start your shot, but it's a good way to practice holding the ball. Step 2 - Stance Feet should be about shoulder width apart Step 3 - Height Move your arm up above your head so your elbow is touching your ear. Obviously this isn't how you'll shoot but it's good practice to get your arm straight and high. Use your other hand to balance the ball if needed (it should only be a light touch - it is not be used to steer or as added strength. Just support.) Step 4 - Arm movement Now where in Basketball you may have been taught to bend your arm so the ball comes down in front of your face it should be higher for Netball. If you imagine that there is a string which comes out of the top of your head and is connect to the back of your hand which is holding the ball above your head and If the string were to be pulled down your hand should move down to the top of your head. Your elbow should be facing the ring. This again, is just practising the arm movement. Step 5 - Power All your power comes from your legs - NOT your arms. When you go through the technique, you should bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. If you start rocking on to your toes when you bend down you will see your power go down and your accuracy can be affected. However, as you oush up you should finish on your toes. Step 6 - Visualisation When you're standing there, imagine that there's a tube coming up out of ring that's about a ruler's height aobve it. When you shoot, your should be aiming to shoot into the 'tube'. This will help you get the height into the shot. More swishes! Step 7 - Putting it together So put it all together in one fluid movement. When you bend your legs, that's when the 'string' gets pulled down and you move your arm. By the time your legs are straight and you're on your toes you should be at full extention and the ball has left your hand. When the ball does leave your hand you should snap your wrist so your hand ends up looking up like a swans neck. Hopefully this all makes sense, and you can practice. It's hard without seeing someone do it i know, so try searching on Youtube for techniques - but be careful of those who use too much of their other hand. Have a look at the NebtallAustralia channel and whatch some of the Diamonds. In terms of moving from CC to shooting, this can be used to your advantage. How many times have you been watching a shooter from the circle and wanted them to move into the open space but they didn't? You have a unique perspective of a centre and that movement will come in handy. Use it to your advantage - the only difference now is you are allowed in the circle and can shoot. Anyway, I hope thats helped. Good luck for the season! Morgan

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