Circle Edge End Drill

category: Movement

Netball Circle Edge End Drill Movement End drill – Feeding into circle Set up: four corners of 2-3 players, 1 ball, goal third end of court. Aim fo...

Free On Circle Edge In To Circle

category: Getting-free

Netball Free on Circle Edge in to Circle Getting free ​Set up a small triangle of cones on the circle edge, to one side. ... Circle edge drive Drill ...

Landing Circle Edge

category: Getting-free

Netball Landing Circle Edge Getting free Two feeders will set up on the third line with a ball each (RED F) In front of each ... Circle edge drive Dr...



Community Drills

Circle edge drive

Attacking skill to get the ball through the attcking goal third into the goal circle.Having everyone have a go at receiving the pass as close to the g...

Cut and Curl

GA starts with the ball and passes to C on circel edge after they've change direction.GA then drives into the post and pops out to receive pass.GA the...