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Looking for some fast side line and back line throw in advice?

Hi everyone!!

I need some help....

Does anyone know any easy but fast side line or back line throw ins and who should take it.

What about any drills for centre pass or to releasing the balls faster and not wait until the opposition player is with them.

the basic answer for who should throw in from the back line is the GK in the defence end, or the C/WA if outside the circle in the attack, or the GS/GA if in the circle.  but if you want to get the ball moving quickly, and your team is able to set up very quickly, then it really doesnt matter.  if you can get the other team out of position, then anyone who is closest to the ball can take it.

there are many drills to teach backline throw ins.  split, and drive type drills, followed by lead and follow type drills where two players standing together break in opposite directions (L/R) and then both drive to the circle, whoever doesnt get the pass, then cuts back to the next pass, teaching the WD or C to zone their player on the edge of the cirlce in order to open up some space to drive to the pass, teaching the GK to be available for reoffers after the throw in.  watch some of the australian/or national games and see what they do, or watch some of the rep teams for ideas.  you can get some great ideas from other coaches by watching their teams.

At training set your players up with BIBS on in position, with no oposition. Give the ball to the GK at the back line to throw in. Instruct your Centre, WD and GD to step about 1 metre towards the GK,so they are still near there positional area. GK takes the pass and it is up to the WD and GD to recieve pass, the centre holds position and only drives down towards GK if she/he is needed. In short the pass can go like; GK,WD,GD,C,WA, GA, GS or GK,GD, WD,C, WA, GA, GS.

I find teaching positional netball the players learn that each position has a responsibility and it is up to the defence players to bring it to mid court. Although if the WD and GD is well covered obviously the Centre has to drive down. But in saying this if the centre continues to do this it can 'bunch up' players and it is a long way for the centre to run up to the attacking end.

Encourage players to work the ball up to the goals just using chest passing at a slower pace. I find this slows them down and enourages them to stop and think aboout their decisions. If a bad pass is thrown take it back immediately and redo pass. Oberve for correct landing, body balance and control. Once the players can work the ball with correct passing, catching, landing, body balance increase the speed of the ball. Correct technique is better than speed. Speed with come later. Once your players can acheive this you can start to introduce variations. I make a point that when my girls get a goal they should always praise the defenders that get it to them.THROW INS: When there is a throw in get your players to quickly "reset" near their positions say about one metre away (as if a centre pass.) The person thowing in should yell out to players "reset". I find this stops them all bunching up because it is up to the positional areas closest to the throw in to get the ball.

Again every position has a job to do.Remember you will have to repeat this every training cause kids forget!

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