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2 v 2 Drills

These 2v2 drills and videos will challenge your players' defensive and attacking skills, by getting them to compete against each other in pairs. To im...

3 v 2 Drills

Pit your players against each other with these 3v2 drills, and improve their defensive and attacking game sense skills. 3v2s are great for boosting pl...


Ghost Play At The End Of A Session

category: Shooting

Finish every session with ghost play. The best place to do this is a side court in a sports hall where you have a wall or access to a throw bag. If th...

Turnover: gain possession from the opposition

Web Videos

Men's basketball grind session

www.vucommodores.com - Men's basketball Director of Strength & Conditioning Garry Christopher puts the team through a rigorous workout.