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Training at Home Drills

The basic basketball drills can be practiced at home, in your front yard or garden and will ensure your players' develop their fundamental skills as q...


Number Shooting Game

category: Games

Split all your players into two teams and have them line up on opposite sides of the court.2 basketballs are placed at mid-court.Each player is given ...

1 On 1 Box-Out

category: Rebound

Player starts the move by shooting - aiming to hit the rim to create the rebound for the other two players.When the shot goes up the defensive player ...

Bouncing The Ball

category: Basic-Ball-Handling

Hold the ball in both hands and bounce it on the floor. Catch the ball in both hands again. Repeat

2V2 Deny Drill

category: Defense

Set up as shown in video clip. When the ball is on that players side of the court they will deny. When the ball is on the other side of the court, the...

Basketball Bulldog

category: Games

White Player 1 is 'On'Blue Players 1 to 8 try to dribble their basketballs to the opposite line.Any players that the white player touches are 'caught'...

8 Man Passing Drill

category: Passing

For this drill the minimum number is 8 players but more players can participate by joining to form a queue behind number 2, 3, or 4 on either side. A...

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5 commandments of basketball defense

https://www.Online-Basketball-Drills.com Go to the website above for 10 wildly effective defensive basketball drills, explained and demonstrated with s...