Moving to Create Space - Cut Back, Fake and V-Cut

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Space is a rare commodity on the basketball court, so having the skills to create areas on the court to attack into should be an integral part of your team's skill set and game plan.

What's in the Session?

Begin the session with a high intensity warm-up to get your players engaged physically and mentally ready for a productive session that will work their minds and bodies. The session progresses into teaching the different movements players can use to create a yard or two of space. Each movement is semi-passive and allows the players to develop an understanding of where the space is and how to take advantage of it either to pass, receive or shoot. As the skills begin to come together, challenge your players to incorporate them into their game through match-specific practices.

To be the best at basketball, you've got to think quickly on the spot. By training your players minds to recognise how to create space, you'll be reaching the top in no time!

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