Drill Categories


Pop Up For Beginners

category: Rally-Drills

Description. Players rally together. Players have to pop the ball up before they hit across the net. Coaching points. Control is the priority of this...


category: Rally-Drills

Tennis Length Rally Drills Can use this rally as a progression of "Height" drill Purpose: Understanding the importance of length Start with a coach f...


category: Rally-Drills

Tennis Waves! Rally Drills Players are playing doubles points from the hand in pairs. The pair who wins the point moves to the service line which is ...

Cross-Court Rally Game With Winners

category: Rally-Drills

Tennis Cross-court rally game with winners Rally Drills Players get into pairs. Each pair takes on another pair in a cross court competition. Players...


Running Scenarios

Fluid movement is essential to firstly making balls and then being in a good position to play an effective shot. Go through the full repertoire of sho...


Adapting to Different Points of Contact

To work on the forehand in different situations that require varying points of contact. To understand the necessity for technical adaptation when deal...


Slicing The Ball Without Fear

To get more comfortable with using the slice in different situations on the court and to understand the factors that are related to executing a high q...


Working on Groundstrokes

Teach your players how to improve their power and accuracy, and get them hitting groundstrokes like the pros!



Community Drills

Activity 2

3 Minutes Of Death One player down on one side while all the the other players are on the other side The one player has a continuous rally for 3 minut...

3 Player Rally

Player 1 rallys from the baseline, cross court (CC), down the line (DTL). When rally ends, players rotate.* Begin with consistant, comfortable s...

Service Box Winner

Inside Service Box Player 1 starts ball to cross court service box corner; players must rally 3 (or however many coach dictates) shots before court is...

Activity 1

Different Returns Down the line aggressive returns Cross court as a safe returns Red cone Cross Court Blue Cone Down the line Players play out the poi...