Running Scenarios

Moving around the court is a skill in itself, some players base their game upon it.

Get players comfortable playing all different types of shot when on the move to give them the best chance of making balls when it would normally be dead.

With that in mind, this week’s session aims to improve players mobility as well as their technique to play the right shot.

What's in the Session?

We begin the session with simple movement patterns, reacting to balls without a racket. The session then progresses by building upon these movements to work them into playing effective shot whilst on the move. They initially start off with simple movements to get the feet around the ball to play on the forehand, before building into movements to approach the net for the short ball - each rep is completed by the player retreating to the neutral position on court, to get them into the habit of maintaining good position on the court.

The session then builds on this to start stringing rally’s together, working on lateral movement and approaches to the net to take on the attacking volley. This aims to give the player the feel and confidence to know when and how they can work the point to approach at the correct time to attack. The session ends with a thorough cool down and a reflection.

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