Learning to take the ball early and inside the court

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Why wait for the ball to drop before hitting it back "up" and over? Develop your players' offensive skill base, teaching them to take the ball on the rise and inside the court with this week's attacking play session.

Far too many players allow the ball to drop and are then forced to hit "up". This low point of contact makes the shot a lot more difficult for your players.

To get your players approaching the ball and playing more aggressively, this session promotes hitting the ball at the top of the bounce. This means your players will be taking time away from their opponent and will also have less work to do, as the net is less of a barrier.

So how do we look to promote positive attacking habits?

Well, we start with a 'step inside the baseline' rallying game, where the coach instructs one of your two rallying players to step inside the line for 30 seconds, forcing them to take the ball earlier. Following on from this offensive play warm up, we then up the intensity and get your players sprinting around the court, to take the ball on the top of the bounce.

Try this session today and get your players work hard as they focus on their attacking play!

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